Corona: Loss of vaccination status after only 9 months? Vaccinated face tough rule changes!

In all of Germany, politicians are trying to get people to get vaccinated. But not only the vaccination skeptics are urged to finally get vaccinated, but also vaccinated are urged to protect themselves better against the virus with a third vaccination. Now the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to put in the southern German state apparently on the rule 2G plus.

Markus Söder wants to enforce stricter measures against Corona virus

In view of the tense situation in Bavaria by the Corona pandemic, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder now wants to „go further“ and put on stricter Corona measures. Söder confirmed this at the press conference after the cabinet meeting in the Bavarian parliament on Tuesday. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek was also present at the press conference. The latter pleads for booster vaccinations. Meanwhile, Söder provided a critical view of vaccination, He called on politicians to reconsider how long vaccinated may be considered. „The Stiko should deal with it,“ demanded the Bavarian politician. He said that the Stiko should determine whether this vaccination status should not be revoked after „nine or ten months“. In this context, Söder goes to the increasingly frequent vaccination breakthroughs, which are now also the order of the day in Bavaria. „The alternative would then definitely be 2G plus“. judges Söder. This would mean that even vaccinated and recovered must be tested again in certain situations.

Söder wants to introduce in Bavaria largely 2G rule

In the various retirement and nursing homes in the state, the Bavarian government has already reacted. There, as of now, the testing requirement applies again in order to gain access to these facilities. In Austria, they had introduced the 2G-Plus rule, with which now also Söder flirts. „It is so that we have different statements,“ Söder makes a statement about the long-term protection of the vaccination. „There are some in which after six months, antibodies are still present to a high degree, but some in which that has gone down a lot.“ In addition, it had been decided now to reintroduce mandatory masks at schools. To this decision, the Cabinet had come through on Tuesday. „It applies largely 2G in Bavaria“, explained Söder after this meeting. Söder was particularly concerned about the increasing number of patients in intensive care units. In this regard, Söder spoke of a soon looming competition between normal patients and covid patients for beds in Bavarian hospitals.

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