Death threat! Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi – is the happy ending coming after the shock?

Just recently there was threatening news to report from Steffi Graf (52) and her husband Andre Agassi (51). Because the latter’s sister Rita (60) had issued wild death threats in the social media. Afterwards, Andre Agassi had even contracted personal protection for himself and his family. But now the case probably takes a happy ending.

After nasty death threats: Andre Agassi reconciles with his sister Rita

Just recently, the dispute between former tennis pro Andre Agassi and his sister Rita had reached a new climax. But now Steffi Graf and her husband can apparently breathe a sigh of relief. Because from family circles it is now said that Agassi has reconciled with his sister Rita. This means the end of a bitter dispute, which had culminated in nasty death threats a few weeks ago. Because Steffi’s sister-in-law had threatened her own brother Andre with murder on her social media. On Instagram, Rita Agassi had written: ‚I fucking hate you. I want you dead!“ And Agassi obviously took those threats very seriously. Because at times, the tennis pro had hired bodyguards for his family. Now, however, the sibling issue seems to have been resolved. Apparently the two have become closer again through Steffi’s mediation. Since a few weeks Rita has stopped her activities on the internet. In addition, Andre Agassi is said to be paying for therapy for his sister. So let’s hope that the problems of the quarreling siblings finally belong to the past.

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