Biontech founder Sahin: Vaccination protection decreases after only 4 months – annual boosting necessary!

Is it a shock, a surprise? No – in this pandemic nothing surprises anymore. Ugur Sahin, founder of Biontech has now given a new prognosis on the effectiveness of the vaccine – and this corrects the shelf life of the effectiveness downwards once again, and more than that, an annual booster will also be necessary!

Vaccine protection already weakening after 4 months?

Biontech CEO Ugur Sahin believes it is likely that annual booster vaccinations against the coronavirus may be sufficient in the future. The third vaccinations now underway would boost the protection that has waned over time, Sahin told Bild am Sonntag He expects it to last longer “than the protection after double vaccination.” Subsequent booster vaccinations would then be needed “perhaps only every year – similar to influenza”.

Sahin told the newspaper that the decline in vaccination protection begins “from the fourth month”. However, recently published studies show that the protection against a severe disease is still very high up to the ninth month.

Booster absolutely necessary!

The Biontech co-founder advocated booster vaccinations, saying, “On the one hand, a booster protects the vaccinated person very well from getting sick, but it also helps break further chains of infection.” This could help in dealing with the pandemic in the upcoming difficult winter, he said.

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