Compulsory vaccination in Austria! What is Germany doing?

Yesterday the worse news reached us – Austria is going into lockdown – completely, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated! Now it gets even scarier – Austria is actually introducing compulsory vaccination! Is it a finger pointer for Germany – what do top German politicians say about the topic?

Austria decides to make vaccination compulsory – will Germany follow suit?

After the announcement of a general Corona vaccination obligation in the neighboring country Austria, German politicians of the traffic light parties rule out such a regulation for Germany. “There won’t be one,” SPD politician and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told the Bild Live TV channel about a general Corona vaccination requirement. “Because we don’t think it’s necessary, because we also think it’s difficult from a constitutional point of view.”

FDP health politician Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus criticized Bavaria’s Minister President Markus Söder (CSU) for being open to a Corona vaccination requirement. “To put the general vaccination obligation as a threat in the room, helps no one,” she told the “Bild” newspaper (Saturday edition). “Especially the countries with dramatic Corona numbers should focus on expanding vaccination services as agreed and implementing the new Corona measures.”

Everyone must be vaccinated by February!

Austria will begin a new Corona lockdown on Monday, which will also affect vaccinated people and last for a maximum of 20 days. In addition, everyone in Austria must be fully vaccinated against the corona virus on February 1 – or face fines. Austria is the first country in Europe to take such tough measures in light of the recent Corona wave. The nationwide seven-day incidence in the Alpine republic was over a thousand on Friday – in Germany the nationwide figure was 340.

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