Defects! These FFP2 masks do not protect! Urgent product recall

Once again, a new product recall is known which concerns FFP2 protective masks. Because now a Chinese company recalls the masks, because their protective performance quite obviously does not meet the standard of FFP2 protective masks. So anyone using the masks in the current Corona pandemic runs the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Recall of FFP2 protective masks


While infection figures in Germany continue to rise, the use of FFP2 masks is once again becoming more important. However, not all masks that are supposedly labeled as FFP2 masks deliver what they promise. On the contrary! Just recently, masks from a Chinese company were recalled in Germany because they did not comply with the protective regulations. Chinese masks in particular have a bad reputation in this respect. As DEKRA confirms, about 60 to 80 percent of Chinese masks do not have a quality seal. Now a new product recall for Chinese masks is being published in Germany.

These FFP2 masks should no longer be used


On the platform “” is namely now again warned against Chinese FFP2 protective masks. The masks affected by the recall are masks with the name: “Dust Mask”, which were manufactured on 25 February 2021 by the Chinese manufacturer Shenzen Silicon Zero Technology Co. LTD. The masks have the CE marking: 0598 . As confirmed in the product warning, the measured value is only 81 percent. In addition, the material used does not comply with the European standard. Thus, every wearer of the masks runs a health risk. Customers who bought the masks in question can return them where they bought them.

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