Doctor dies of Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated – just before his booster appointment!

Actually, the risk of dying from Covid-19 is very low for vaccinated people. But it’s also not completely impossible. That’s because vaccine protection wears off over time. It is not for nothing that politicians are calling on people to have booster vaccinations. Now a particularly dramatic death case becomes known. A doctor has died despite a full vaccination against Covid-19 – he was only 45!

Doctor dies of coronavirus

This tragic case has taken place in Swindon, England, a good 130 kilometers west of London. For, as British media have consistently reported, a doctor there died of Covid-19, even though he had been fully vaccinated. His 3rd vaccination against the virus had been imminent. For Dr. Irfan Halim (†45) had treated Corona patients himself in his hospital and had been involved in the fight against the insidious virus for months. For this reason, the physician had even been separated from his family for months. Then, in September, fate struck mercilessly. For the doctor himself tested positive for Covid-19. The doctor had collapsed during his work and had to be transferred to the intensive care unit himself. There, Irfan Halim’s condition deteriorated more and more. Even a transfer to a hospital in London brought no improvement in his condition. On 14 November, the father of four then died as a result of the disease. Actually, the doctor should have received a booster vaccination only a few days after his infection. But it came to this no more.

Brother of the deceased doctor mourns

The death has hit especially the brother of the doctor. Amir Halim is also a medical doctor. Previously, the father of the two doctors had already died because of a Corona infection. For this reason, the doctor urged his fellow doctors to be careful. “The number of cases is increasing with each passing day. This virus doesn’t care if you are gifted, rich or poor,” Amir Halim told the BBC. In his brother’s case, he said, the death came as a shock to his family. “We were hoping he would recover given his age. He was a fit and healthy young man,” confirmed his brother, who now wants to look after his late brother Irfan’s family. “I will make sure that his two sons and two daughters grow up knowing what a great man their father was,” clarified the grieving Amir.