Expert sure: Corona pandemic out of control – Now only a lockdown can help!

In view of the current situation of the Corona pandemic, experts are highly concerned. Because, in their opinion, the situation is “actually no longer under control”. At least not with the currently adopted measures. Therefore, numerous medical experts and scientists are now calling for a new lockdown.

Incidence value in Germany reaches almost 400

The incidence values shoot up in Germany more and more. Now exactly the scenario has occurred, which had already been announced by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) a good 2 weeks ago. The nationwide incidence value is scratching the 400 mark. What is much more worrying, however, is the fact that so far there are no signs of an improvement in the current situation. For this reason, the epidemiologist Prof. Timo Ulrichs now speaks out in RTL Corona Talk for a lockdown.

Expert warns: “We are running out of time”

To get the ever-increasing infection numbers by the coronavirus back under control are now fast and tough measures necessary. Because, as epidemiologist Prof. Timo Ulrichs confirms, the possibility of controlling the pandemic has almost been lost with the current measures. The expert criticises that contact restrictions for the unvaccinated and the 2G rule should have been applied much earlier. In the current situation, only a hard lockdown could probably bring about a turnaround in the dramatic infection figures. Ulrich suspects that only an immediately introduced lockdown for the unvaccinated could still prevent hospital intensive care units from filling up further. “What else is actually not really left,” shows the epidemiologist pessimistic.

Contact restrictions should also come for vaccinated

Another criticism of Ulrich is the discussion about mandatory vaccination. Once again, this would come too late in the current discussion. Too much time would be lost until this would be introduced. Additionally it would take a lot of time until all unvaccinated people would get the vaccine. In the meantime, severe cases and full intensive care units would still occur. For this reason, Ulrich is now advocating measures that will lead to quicker results. In this context, Ulrich recommends contact restrictions in particular. However, in order for this measure to be successful, the contact restrictions would also have to apply to vaccinated patients. However, it is doubtful whether such a measure can be legally enforced.

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