Is Corona already over on this date? Corona calculator surprises with incredible forecast!

The Corona Calculator comes to a rather surprising conclusion. This simulator is supposed to calculate the end of the Corona pandemic based on the current data. And this now spits out a surprising result. The Corona Pandemic is supposed to be over by January 5, 2022. Is that realistic or did the computer make a mistake?

Corona calculator predicts end of pandemic for January 2022

Currently, the infection situation of the Coronavirus in Germany is extremely critical! But now, amidst the rising infection figures, there is also a small glimmer of hope! Because the simulator of the website “” gives the date for the end of the Corona pandemic currently with the 05.01.2022. So will the Corona pandemic possibly be over soon? The main criterion for calculating the end of the epidemic is the average vaccination rate of the last 7 days. It also takes into account the number of people who have recovered. However, for example, newly emerging virus variants that may be resistant to the vaccine are not included in the calculation. Now, the simulator comes to the conclusion that on January 5, 2021, 80 percent of German citizens should either be vaccinated or immune to the corona virus through infection.

Statistician doubts prediction of Corona calculator

Several months ago, statistician Prof. Dr. Christian Hesse, the head of the Department of Mathematical Statistics at the University of Stuttgart, had given his opinion on the predictions of the Corona calculator. At that time, Hesse had stated that it was almost impossible to predict the end of the pandemic in concrete terms. In addition, Hesse had explained that the achievement of herd immunity would depend above all on how vaccinations developed in the coming weeks and months.

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