New vaccination scandal! Fake doctor administered vaccinations in two vaccination centers

Curios investigation case from Upper Bavaria! There the public prosecutor’s office Traunstein accuses a theologian of dangerous bodily harm, fraud and forgery. The man is said to have vaccinated around 300 people himself in two vaccination centres and ordered 1,100 further vaccinations. Only afterwards had it been discovered that the man had not been a doctor at all.

Theologian poses as a doctor – He vaccinated hundreds of people in the vaccination center


Because a theologian in Traunstein, Upper Bavaria, posed as a doctor and vaccinated several hundred people at two vaccination centers in Upper Bavaria, the Traunstein public prosecutor’s office has now filed charges against the 50-year-old man. The prosecution accuses him of dangerous bodily harm, forgery of documents and fraud. The man is said to have performed about 300 vaccinations himself in February and March of this year and also ordered about 1,100 additional vaccinations. The vaccinated people did not get any health complications, however, assault charges were still filed as the fake doctor had obtained people’s consent through deception.

False doctor remains silent on charges


So far, the accused has not made any statement regarding the charges against him. Only the falsification of the license to practice medicine was admitted by the man to an expert witness. Should the man be convicted, he could even face a prison sentence. The theologian had applied for a job in the vaccination centres of Rosenheim and Karlsfeld (district of Dachau) with forged papers and had then received these jobs because of the forged papers. In addition, the accused had also been involved in mobile operations in old people’s and nursing homes in the district of Rosenheim.

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