Novavax dead vaccine – adjustment to Omikron difficult! Experts demand: Vaccination skeptics should vaccinate now!

It recently became known that the first inactivated vaccine from the American company Novavax is about to receive approval in Europe. Numerous vaccination sceptics would perhaps reconsider their position if they could be vaccinated against the coronavirus with an inactivated vaccine. The dead vaccine against other diseases has been around for years and is considered very reliable. But now one expert is urging people to stop waiting for the dead vaccine.

Because of Corona Variant Omicron – Experts Advise People to Get Vaccinated Immediately

Just recently, the new Omicron variant of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus was discovered. And while many of the effects of the new variant are as yet unknown, one thing should be certain. All currently approved vaccines definitely provide more protection against B.1.1.529 than not getting vaccinated does. “All of our vaccines offer very good basic protection, even against omicron,” says virologist Norbert Nowotny as well. Although it may be necessary to adapt the vaccines to the new variant in the end, he said that even a low level of immune protection is better than none at all. For this reason, the expert urged people to get vaccinated

Adaptation of dead vaccines takes much longer

Because many people everywhere are waiting for the approval of the dead vaccine of the American company Novavax. This one would probably convince even some vaccine skeptics to get vaccinated. But especially by the now confirmed appearance of the Omikron variant the waiting for the dead vaccine could turn out to be an own goal. Although an inactivated vaccine is indeed more reliable, it will still take several weeks after approval before it can be vaccinated. In addition, it would also have to be tested to what extent the inactivated vaccine is also effective against the new Omikron variant. The manufacturer Biontech has already started to prepare for a possible adaptation of the vaccine because of Omikron. However, this adjustment is much faster with mRNA vaccines than with inactivated vaccines. While Biontech would be able to deliver adapted vaccines after a good 3 months, this would take considerably longer with Novavax. This is another reason why expert Nowotny advises, “Please don’t wait for the dead vaccines.” Instead, one could use the dead vaccine for the booster later, if necessary.

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