Wave of infection at the Swedish royal court continues – Prince Daniel also tested positive for Covid-19

In recent days, several Corona infections had been reported by the Swedish royal court in Stockholm. And the number of cases apparently continues to expand. Now it was confirmed that also Prince Daniel, the husband of Crown Princess Victoria for the 2nd time with the insidious Coronavirus infected.

Also Sweden Prince Daniel again infected with Covid-19

First had been reported a few days ago that both the Swedish King Carl Gustaf and the Swedish Queen Silvia with the Coronavirus infected. Fortunately, the two aged members of the Swedish royal family already have 3 vaccinations and their infections are accordingly mild. But then shortly before the weekend it had become known that Crown Princess Victoria had also become infected again, after she had already been infected with the virus in March 2021. For this reason, Victoria, her husband Daniel and the children had also entered quarantine. As was announced on Sunday, however, Prince Daniel has also been infected with the virus again.

Prince Daniel is considered a high-risk patient

The 48-year-old Daniel had also been infected, like his wife Victoria, in March 2021 for the first time with the coronavirus and is now also fully vaccinated. However, his infections are always taken by the doctors quite closely under the microscope. This is because Prince Daniel already had a kidney transplant several years ago and thus belongs to the risk group. As the Swedish royal court confirms, Prince Daniel is said to have only mild symptoms of the disease at present.

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