Before this weapon Ukraine trembles! Thermal missile launcher TOS-1 rolls towards Kiev!

This weapon is a real nightmare – and it rolls inexorably towards Kiev – Putin’s thermal missile launcher “TOS-1”! Even the CIA estimates this weapon in a report as a massive threat – above all however for the civilian population – it is fired 24 rockets at once – certainly no precision weapon! Can the Ukraine still stop the weapon monster?

Fear of thermal missile launcher!

Putin is not getting anywhere! Ukrainians are putting up fierce resistance and have killed hundreds of Russian military vehicles and soldiers. Now Putin is bringing in new weapons – a 64 km army convoy is winding its way towards Kiev and Kharkiv – including a real weapon from hell! The thermal rocket launcher “TOS-1”. TOS stands for “Heavy Flame Thrower System.” Devastating: The 24 missiles (range: 3.5 kilometers) can be equipped with a thermobaric warhead.

CIA rates the weapon as highly dangerous


A CIA study in 2000 summarized the dramatic effects this way, “Those near the blast will be wiped out. Those on the blast perimeter are very likely to suffer many internal (…) injuries.” During the explosion, the warheads create pressure and heat waves, cause the most serious internal injuries. The air of bystanders is literally pulled out of their lungs.

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