Does Putin have a new superweapon? Pentagon worried – secret base established in the Arctic!

Once again, an ice age is looming between the governments in Moscow and Washington. For Russia is not only arming itself militarily, but is now even showing an increased presence in the Arctic. The American Pentagon observes the current development with great concern.

Russia’s military buildup worries the Pentagon


As it seems, Russia has invested a lot of money in new weapons as well as military infrastructure in recent years. Now, however, Putin seems to be showing military presence at the North Pole as well. And this action lets with the US-military the alarm bells ring. The Russians are now even said to be stationing weapons in regions that have only recently been freed from thick layers of ice by climate change. Apparently, Russia wants to secure its own northern coast with the new base and also establish new shipping routes between Asia and Europe. This is because the new route via the North Pole could halve the time it takes for container ships to travel from Asia to Europe. At present, however, ships still use the route through the Suez Canal. The Russians are also testing new weapons systems such as the radioactive superweapon “Poseidon”. This is a torpedo with its own reactor drive. Russian President Putin is said to be constantly updating himself on the development of this superweapon. With the super torpedo, for which several tests are still scheduled this year, Russia could theoretically dive under the defense lines on the U.S. coast. That’s what military experts in the U.S. armed forces fear. Reportedly, according to Russian sources, the torpedo could carry nuclear warheads weighing several tons, which could trigger a radioactive blast wave if it explodes, rendering large coastal areas uninhabitable for decades.

Pentagon is watching Russian activity closely


U.S. National Security Adviser Christopher A. Ford reported in November “Poseidon” was designed to be capable of “flooding” American coastal cities “with radioactive tsunamis. “Obviously, we’re watching this very closely,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday when asked about Russian activity. “Russia is renovating Soviet-era airfields and radar facilities, building new ports and search and rescue centers,” Pentagon spokesman Thomas Campbell told the CNN news network. He also said the Pentagon is watching the Russians increase construction of nuclear and conventionally powered icebreakers. In March, the Russian navy had used a nuclear submarine to pierce the meter-thick layer of ice in the Arctic and establish a presence in the region.

Arctic could become strategic corridor


Obviously, there could be problems from the presence of the Russians at the North Pole. “No one has an interest in the Arctic being militarized,” Pentagon spokesman Kirby said. However, the U.S., of course, has national security interests in the Arctic itself. For its own national defense, too, the Arctic is a “potential strategic corridor” to link the Indo-Pacific, Europe and the United States, he said. Other neighboring states are also making territorial claims in the Arctic. In addition to the United States and Russia, these include Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. From a commercial point of view, these states have an interest in the valuable mineral resources. Therefore it had already given in the past again and again controversy, Remains to hope that this controversy is not fanned now again.


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