Freiburg: Groß-Spender unterstützt Klima-Kleber-Proteste

Unternehmer Peter Denk aus Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg) spendet für Klima-Kleber

Freiburg – Millions of Germans are annoyed by their protests. But one man is opening his wallet wide for them: entrepreneur Peter Denk (57) from Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg) is the major donor of the climate adhesive movement.

Denk fills the donation account of the “Last Generation” movement

Many had hoped that the blockades would soon fail due to the financial difficulties of the “Last Generation”. After all, the organization has to pay more and more fines and is now also being held liable by several airlines for airport blockades. But now HE is here: entrepreneur Denk has filled the donation account of the “Last Generation”. By Friday afternoon, exactly 2:00 PM, the climate adhesive movement had already collected a whopping 302,483 euros in donations through a “GoFundMe” campaign on the internet – and Denk has now doubled that amount. 604,966 euros in the climate adhesive fund!

Protests resume after summer break

It’s starting again! With a demonstration at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the “Last Generation” resumed their protests on Wednesday after the summer break.

Denk supports the “Last Generation” financially

This is not the first time that the bicycle engineer and founder of the development office “Denk Engineering” has financially supported the “Last Generation”. He regularly donates ten percent of his company’s revenue to various organizations. However, whether there will be further donations in the future remains uncertain. Because he does not fully agree with the strategy of the climate adhesive movement. Denk to BILD: “I think the glue actions are bad, and I would like to see a change in strategy. But when Carla Hinrichs, the spokesperson for the Last Generation, asked me which other form of protest I would recommend that our politicians would at least half notice, I couldn’t think of a better option.”

Protests in Mannheim and Munich

When climate activists blocked traffic in Mannheim, a driver went into a rage. For ten days, the climate chaos has been harassing the people of Munich. Now there is resistance. The family man, who describes himself as a conservative entrepreneur, calls for a climate-neutral economy: “Otherwise, our society will not survive.”

“Last Generation” announces new protests with a full bank account

With their now well-filled account, the “Last Generation” has already announced new major protest actions: sit-ins and protest marches in the greater Berlin area.

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