Horror Tornado! Authorities expect 70 deaths – warehouse of Internet giant Amazon collapsed, people in the rubble

Severe storms have caused numerous deaths. In a total of 5 US states, at least 27 tornadoes have been recorded, some of which have caused considerable damage. In the state of Kentucky alone, Governor Andy Beshear expects at least 70 deaths.

Torm chaos causes numerous deaths in the US


Disaster struck a number of US states on Friday night. In 5 states of the USA, a total of 27 tornadoes had raged, which not only caused severe damage, but also cost the lives of many people. Kentucky seems to have been hit particularly hard. The governor in charge, Andy Beshear, assumes at least 70 fatalities. “It could even be that the number 100 is exceeded before the day is over.” Especially in the village of Mayfield, a tornado had caused bad damage. Among other things, the roof of a factory had collapsed. As the director of the disaster control of Kentucky, Michael Dossett confirms, the tornado is to have drawn a good 300-kilometer-long swath of destruction through all of Kentucky. Dosset spoke in this context of one of the “darkest days” of Kentucky. The tornado had apparently struck without warning. “It was a night tornado. You don’t see it. All of a sudden it goes off. Rarely happens, but extremely dangerous. And extreme is the long trail of devastation. Very unusual to have such a tornado still in December,” described extreme weather expert Frank Böttcher the incidents to the Bild newspaper.

Numerous fatalities feared in candle factory


In the small town of Mayfield, a candle factory had been destroyed by the tornado, where about 110 employees were at the time of the disaster. “We believe we’re going to lose at least dozens of them,” Governor Beshear feared numerous fatalities there. In addition, a freight train had also derailed in Earlington. According to Andy Beshear, it was said to be the most severe tornado in the state’s history. But also in the state of Arkansas a tornado had raged among other things in the localities Monette and Trumann. Numerous buildings had been damaged. Among them were also two nursing homes. In the two places two people had died and 5 others had been injured. In the state of Illinois, a tornado destroyed an Amazon warehouse where 100 employees were working the night shift processing Christmas orders at the time of the disaster. Detailed data on the fatalities is not yet available. However, numerous people are reportedly still inside the partially collapsed building. The death toll is also expected to be high. Meanwhile, rescue work continues to recover survivors and injured people.

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