People with these names are the clumsiest! Is your name included?

People with this name are the most clumsy, show new data! Is your name included?

A law firm examined its claims data to identify the names most susceptible to injury.

Do you feel like you trip and fall more often than the average person you know? If someone’s coffee cup spills on a laptop, is it likely to be yours? Are you simply known as the klutz in your circle of acquaintances? Chances are, you share a name with others who are like you – the ones who can trip up a bit more. A personal injury law firm has researched the names of the clumsiest people in the United States. Read on to find out what those names are and to see if your name is on the list.

Big law firm researched its personal injury data and determined the most accident-prone names in!

The list was ranked by how often people with those names filed claims for personal injuries, such as slips, trips and falls at work, at home or in public places. (Car accidents were not included in the study).

According to the data, men overall are nearly one-third more clumsy than women.

The study found that men are 28 percent, or nearly one-third, more inept than women when looking at personal injury claims they file. However, when looking specifically at claims related to slips and falls in the workplace, women were involved in 18 percent, or nearly one-fifth, more cases than their male counterparts.

The firm’s data also shows that the average personal injury claim amount nationwide is $100,000.

These are the five most accident-prone names for women and men


The Personal Injury Law Firm has broken down the top five most accident-prone names for men, from most awkward to least awkward, namely Joshua, Christopher, Noah, Brian and Eric.

For women, the top five clumsiest names were Angela, Karen, Daisy, Louisa and Helen.

Around the country, about 35 million people are treated for injuries in emergency rooms each year


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country saw a total of 130 million emergency room visits in 2018 alone. That same year, the number of injury-related visits was 35 million. Not only that, but more than 16 million of those visits resulted in hospitalization for further treatment.

In other words, no matter what your name is, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer an injury at some point, ideally one that doesn’t require serious treatment. We are all only human, after all

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