This too! Hundreds of vaccinations invalid – are you affected?

In a vaccination center apparently a breakdown has ensured that several hundred vaccination certificates could not be issued correctly. Now the responsible health department has reacted to this breakdown and commented on the circumstances.

680 people received no vaccination certificate despite vaccination


Despite a vaccination carried out, several hundred people have not received a vaccination certificate in Frankfurt. Because of a breakdown, initially for 680 people could not be issued valid vaccination certificates. Because on the weekend, between Saturday and Sunday, a total of more than 1,000 people had undergone vaccination at the vaccination center in the Frankfurt exhibition center. But with the vaccination it had then apparently come to a data mishap. “When vaccines are delivered to the vaccination center, the same number of stickers with batch numbers is always supplied according to the number of vaccine doses. For booster vaccinations with Moderna, only half the dose of vaccine is vaccinated, so additional batch number stickers have to be printed for 50% of the vaccine doses,” said a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt health department, explaining the problem that occurred during vaccination. Because with the transmission of the batch number of the Corona vaccine by hand it had come then apparently to a typing error, when the data were transferred into the computer.

Certificate creation was rejected


However, when the vaccinated individuals then went to the pharmacy to get the

Corona vaccination certificate wanted to issue, they got completely unexpected problems. Thus, a freshly boostered person confirmed to the “Bild” newspaper, “The pharmacy almost called the police when I got there. The number was allegedly fake.” Apparently not an isolated case, as the batch number entered into the computer had been altered by a typing error. Patients affected by this error must now first have the batch number entered corrected at the vaccination center before they can then have a vaccination certificate issued without any problems.

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