Mourning. US series star dies unexpectedly! She was known from many series and movies!

Most of all with her role in the US series „Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“, the actress Camille Saviola had earned a loyal fan base, but She also played in many other popular series! But now it is announced that the actress died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 71. Colleagues and friends of the actress are taking to social media to express their stunned at her death.

US actress Camille Saviola died suddenly and unexpectedly

American actress Camille Saviola was a familiar face to her fans and had starred in countless TV productions. She was particularly well known among the fan base of the series „Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“. But now the popular actress has died rather surprisingly at the age of 71. Her death had

been made public on the Star Trek fan account WarpFactorTrek on Twitter. According to the account, Saviola reportedly died as early as Thursday. Background on the cause of death was not made. Saviola had been born in 1950 in the Brooklyn borough of New York and had dropped out of college to pursue acting. In addition, Saviola had also served for a time in the 1970s as the lead singer of the girl rock band „The Margo Lewis Explosion“ before beginning her career as an actress in the theater. For a total of 25 years, Camille Saviola was seen in various stage productions in New York, before she had then also taken on her first roles in television series and films.

In these series had Camille Saviola starred

The U.S. actress Camille Saviola was among others in the TV series „Remington Steele“, „L.A. Law“, „Friends“ and „The Heights“. Roles in the popular series „Emergency Room,“ „Nip/Tuck,“ „Without A Trace,“ „For All Cases Amy,“ „Becker“ and „L.A. Doctors“ were also included in Saviola’s repertoire. She also appeared in supporting roles in feature films such as „The Addams Family in Crazy Tradition,“ „Stuart Stupid – A Family to Suck“ and „Sunset Park.“ However, Saviola then found her starring role as Kai Opaka in the cult series „Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.“ Following her sudden death, colleagues and friends of the actress are expressing their regret and condolences. „This woman was an apparition! My heart is so heavy. All my love to Camille’s family and friends in the industry. We will miss her,“ US actor Wilson Cruz wrote on Twitter, for example. And Saviola’s friend, actress Dawn Marie Ferrara also wrote on Twitter, „Completely floored by the news of your passing. Damn, I thought you were going to be here forever. I miss drinking wine with you and laughing until I’m in tears,“ Ferrara pays tribute to her longtime friend.

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