Novavx inactivated vaccine – side effects! These symptoms are already known

A novel vaccine against the coronavirus will soon be licensed in Europe. This is the vaccine Nuvaxovid of the American company Novavax. This means that the first inactivated vaccine against the potentially deadly virus will finally be licensed

Situation around the Corona pandemic out of control

All over Germany, the number of infections caused by the Corona virus is rising. On Wednesday, a record 65,000 new infections were reported within the last 24 hours. All over Germany, hospitals are filling up with corona patients. Can politicians improve the situation with their recently adopted measures? Despite the precarious situation, many Germans still do not want to be vaccinated due to a lack of confidence in the currently available vaccines. For this reason, the new vaccine of the American manufacturer Novavax comes just in time. Like many other vaccines against other diseases, this vaccine is a deadly vaccine. Unlike previously developed vaccines, Nuvaxovid contains only killed components of the coronavirus. This apparently also means a much smaller margin of side effects.

These are the side effects of the new dead vaccine

Because companies have a lot of experience making dead vaccines, the new vaccine should cause very few side effects. The manufacturer itself had tested the vaccine in the US and Mexico on about 30,000 volunteers. Only a few mild side effects were observed. The participants in the study reported only pressure pain at the injection site, headaches and fatigue. The study also found that the vaccine provided 90 percent immunity against infection with the coronavirus. Reportedly, protection against moderate and severe courses of the disease was close to 100 percent. For full protection, the US pharmaceutical company’s Nuvaxovid inactivated vaccine must be injected in two doses 28 days apart. Novavax already submitted an application for approval in Europe at the beginning of November. As soon as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approves the vaccine, it can also be administered in Germany. The EU itself has already ordered 200 million doses of the vaccine. In Germany, it is hoped that vaccination sceptics will be the most likely to be vaccinated with this vaccine.

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