Breaking news: Compulsory vaccination from January in Germany, lockdown to come! Söder with hard-hitting demand!

Markus Söder calls for drastic measures in Germany to finally get a grip on Corona – including a lockdown AND mandatory vaccination starting in January! Here the current message:

Söder sounds the alarm!

In view of the dramatic Corona situation, Bavaria’s Minister President Markus Söder (CSU) has called for a rapid federal emergency lockdown for the whole of Germany and a general vaccination obligation starting in January. “Only the general vaccination obligation frees us from the continuous loop Corona,” said Söder on Friday in Rosenheim. “Only the general vaccination obligation leads in the end to social peace.”

He appealed to the federal government and the traffic light parties to ensure mandatory vaccination as soon as possible. “Agree on compulsory vaccination from the new year, from January 1,” Söder demanded. This would help to improve vaccination numbers. In his view, a partial compulsory vaccination for medical professions, for example, would not have much effect. “We have to get out of this crisis,” Söder warned.

Rising numbers threaten Germany!

Söder stressed that rising new corona infections were not just a problem of Bavaria or eastern Germany. It was a “national phenomenon,” he said. There was a fear of a “complete overload of the German, but also the regional health system”. Beyond the measures taken so far, he said, there was therefore a need for a uniform federal regulation.

“We are exhausting everything, but it will not be enough,” Söder stressed, referring to the measures taken so far. He added that the new government must ensure an “effective national containment strategy” and set in motion a “uniform federal emergency brake for the whole of Germany”. The Conference of Minister Presidents must also meet sooner, he said. Every week of delay means a dramatization of the situation for the clinics.